season of sacrifice

Monday, February 27, 2012

I don’t think that focusing on sacrifice is something that comes naturally to anyone. So I am grateful for this 40 day reminder. I am blessed by observing the season of Lent with the Church, all of us denying ourselves to remember and focus on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice. I am grateful that denying myself, making space in my time and energy, enables the Holy Spirit to move in ways I normally don’t experience. All in anticipation of the resurrection. I love the celebration of Resurrection Day after the season of deeper sacrifice. I love the songs of triumph after the agony of remembering the cross. I love that believers of all nations, of all denominations, of all languages are all observing the same things at the same time. Little bit of heaven, that.

What are your traditions regarding Lent? Is it something you’ve grown up with or are you new to the practice? I’d love to hear new ideas and thoughts on it.

734. a day off, sleeping in
735. kitchen full of sisters
736. doughnuts, hot and fresh
737. blank pieces of paper, ready for a child's art
738. chubby baby legs
739. the thrill of hope every time the phone rings
740. memorizing God's Word with our family
741. singing and dancing in the afternoon
742. dreaming in the evenings
743. the remembrance of ashes
744. the reminder of mortality
745. the changing of seasons
746. early morning sunshine
747. coffee
748. another cup of coffee
749. two full bags of 'stuff' - gone
750. reevaluating priorities
751. afternoons filled with friends
752. breakfast for lunch
753. birthday celebrations
754. children surrounded by family

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