I’m not good enough online

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yes, yes, I know that I just posted links yesterday. Tomorrow is a link-free post, I promise. These posts are too good to pass up.

Ever feel like your time online is spent feeling completely inadequate? There is so much that blog reading brings to my life that I don’t feel called to give it up, but sometimes, some days. I get overwhelmed with my own feelings of worthlessness. My house does not look like that blogger’s house. My kids are not as spiritually intuitive as that woman’s. I don’t have 300 followers plus 11 children plus a job in the ‘ministry’ plus an online writing career all while making 10 crafts from Pinterest per week. I do not make my children’s clothes. I do not craft end tables from old wooden pallets. I have not used chalkboard paint on any surface in my entire home (yet). I do not even make homemade bread with any regularity. What is wrong with me?

Yes, I know online presence is an illusion. But we all need a little reminder of that some days. Can I get a witness?

Beauty and the Mess - Art House America: “Every mom I know, including myself, reads mom blogs. There are even celebrity mom bloggers. They write eloquently, post exquisite photographs, journal their Food Network-worthy dishes, knit, crotchet, sew, and paint — all while teaching their dozens of whimsical children at home. It is lovely. It really, really is. I don't mean to satirize mom blogs. As an artist, I live to create beauty and to breathe it in, and I am often inspired by these creative mamas. Neither do I condemn the blogging mamas themselves. After all, I am one of them. I'm no celebrity, but I have definitely projected — through my blog and through my posts — a picture of a beautiful life. I am only suggesting that we think twice about the standard we create when we post only the good stuff.”

Sex, Lies, and Mommy Blogging - Elizabeth Esther: “The main problem I have with these ideas are that they seek to define Motherhood–indeed, your entire identity as a person–by the way you bake your bread, decorate your house or educate your children.”

Time for a Pintervention - Relevant Magazine: “I’m sure for some out there the Pinterest experience begins and ends as a fun and helpful diversion. These women are those well-balanced individuals whom I respect and admire—and with whom I have little in common. For me, Pinterest browsing easily makes the almost imperceptible shift from wide-eyed inspiration into troubled comparison. Suddenly, I realize that every other woman in the virtual room is more stylish, more clever, more organized and certainly more able…”

It’s an illusion. We’re never going to measure up to the perfect Christian, crafting, homemaking, homeschooling mother.  None of us. Let’s all quit pretending, whether we’re not doing it online or in real life. Let’s just be us.

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