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Monday, February 20, 2012

Blue and white snowflakes have dangled from our ceiling for the past two months, and now red and pink paper hearts are joining the display. Each with Sharpie lettered-words recounting a child’s gift for that particular day. By the end of the year, we hope to have a banner all the way around our living and dining room. One gift. One child. One day.

If this is a habit I can build into them at such a young age, maybe they’ll be better equipped to handle the hard times. They’ll be more in tune with their heavenly Father and the good and perfect gifts that He wants to give His children. I pray they’ll be better able to see God in the everyday and the miraculous, in the beauty and in the ugly. Practicing this habit together focuses all of us on the gifts in our lives and beyond that, on the Giver. The complaining, the nit-picking, the arguing and bickering…do they matter when we can look at our walls and see gift upon gift upon gift.

Maybe at the end of this year we’ll only have a pretty banner. Or maybe my children will have beauty etched into our very spirits. Maybe they’ll learn to see grace. Maybe they’ll learn to see God.

I’m counting with them now…

716. a pink Valentine's Day scarf
717. the most beautiful flower arrangement I've ever received
718. my two-year-old going potty alone
719. the undeserved love of my husband
720. the unconditional love of my children
721. the beauty of making a family that reflects Jesus
722. my first craft in a very long time, but one that was appreciated
723. losing my pride to help my children
724. finding grace in the moment
725. wiping flushed brows and holding back hair during overnight bouts of sickness
726. breathing prayers of healing by the light of a little girl night light
727. early morning hugs and bathroom breaks
728. sitting all day snuggled with my no-longer-baby
729. unexpected and needed helpfulness from my oldest
730. a blazing hot fever helping to heal
731. TV evenings shared with friends
732. tiny hamburgers smothered in sauce
733. the husband getting up early to go and serve others


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