another linked-up wednesday

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here are some of my favorite links of the past few weeks to help you get over the mid-week blues. (Is that a thing? Seems like it should be.) As always, these are snippets, please click through for the full posts!

We Don't Want Your Obligation - Chatting at the Sky: “Care enough for the people in your life to choose those things that make you come alive. Take time to figure them out. Let the Lord speak. Let your heart speak. Let your life speak.”

Down We Go: Diffusing Power - Kathy Escobar at SheLoves: We often think of power in a negative way. But Jesus embodied the best use of power I can think of: He gave it away. He used it to restore others’ dignity. He went down, not up.

Nursing in Public - The Mom Creative: “It is ridiculous in this day and age that people have such issues with public nursing. The CDC has a fascinating “breastfeeding report card” which illustrates facts about breastfeeding in America. Interestingly, in Georgia only 10% of mothers are still exclusively nursing their babies at six months…”

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