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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here’s the space where I want to talk about orphan care, foster care, adoption, parenting traumatized children…all the good stuff that is so intertwined in my life right now. I haven’t written much lately about parenting traumatized children. Since Brenden and Raniah are no longer foster children, some of this stuff isn’t at the forefront of our thinking that it has been in the past. I’m not keeping the copious notes that I once was, so some things get missed. Some of it has just become our regular, everyday lives, so it doesn’t seem abnormal to us. When I truly think about it though, there’s quite a bit in our lives that most parents and families aren’t dealing with. I do want to protect my children’s stories through this process. Some things are obvious to others; other things no one else will ever know. Some things are things that we tell absolutely no one because someday our children will not appreciate have their most private feelings and issues broadcast not just to the internet, but even to their siblings or grandparents. That said, there is much that we can discuss and both give and receive advice for.

I’m working on several posts regarding issues that we deal with on an almost-daily basis – food issues, OCD, sensory needs, discipline. These are all issues that did not clear up once fostering was over and legal adoptive family status began. We’re also only seven or eight months out from our last sibling visit. I doubt that I posted much about our strategies for navigating that difficult time in our lives, so I have some thoughts brewing on that. Teamwork posts are also in the works; I have some exciting opportunities coming up this year because of the committed and unusually cohesive team that we were a part of through Brenden and Raniah’s case.

I also hope to highlight some ways that you can be involved in orphan care that doesn’t involve foster care or adoption. I get that not everybody can do that or is called to do that, but there are lots of other ways that we care for orphans that you can join in on.

Anything else you’d like to have covered? Any questions about fostering or adoption we can talk about? I know several of you who read have fostered and/or adopted, and even more of you are considering and praying about it. Let me know!

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