three words

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

threeI have three words. They are framing my year so far. I know the bloggers of the world all about the one word. Someone was even giving away cool buttons with your one word on it. I heart graphic design, so I tried and tried to come up with one word that would encapsulate this coming year. Too bad, cool generous blogger with the beautiful buttons, I have three. I can’t get rid of them. They’re all connected, so I tried to just pick the one that best described all the others. After three weeks, however, all three are still here. I’m friends with them. We’re going to be together for awhile now, so it’s time we make peace.



Discomfort. My favorite of the three. (Not so much) I’ve been uncomfortable for a few months now. I’ve wrestled with it, prayed for peace and clarity, but I’m left with the disquiet. Today, I’m at peace with this truth: Discomfort isn’t always bad. Often it’s the catalyst for needed change. I’ve begun two different challenges this year already, (overachiever, anyone?) and they are uncomfortable. Change is hard, especially changes that you aren’t quite ready to make. Discomfort is keeping me focused. It’s not inconvenient and uncomfortable just for the sake of feeling bad or out of some desire to embrace martyrdom. It’s purposeful.

“Discomfort creates space for the Holy Spirit to move”
Jen Hatmaker in 7

Space. This year is about space. I fill my body until it’s stuffed. I fill my home until it’s stuffed. I fill my mind with too much stuff. I fill my heart with too much stuff. The only thing that I’ve stopped filling with stuff is my schedule and that was forced upon me by my children, not through any desire for discipline of my own. This year I’m learning that good does not equal necessary. That comparing myself to others does not exempt me from God’s call to holiness, to health, to simplicity, to generosity, to stewardship, to justice. I’m pretty sure it’s going to hurt. Truthfully, it’s already hurting. (See Discomfort, above) But I’ve created some space. Not much, it’s still early on, but there is space for God to work. He already is working in some unexpected ways. Pointing me to Himself. This year, I want to leave room for God. Which brings me to word three.

Expectation. God’s going to move in a big way in my life, in my family’s lives this year. I’ve been feeling it for a couple months. Nothing I can say specifically. No particular knowledge of what it will be. I just know with everything in me that something big is coming this year. I know it with such certainty that I literally have goose bumps thinking about it. It’ll be something I don’t expect, that much I know. It’ll be different and better and worse than I expect. But my God is a God of miraculous, surprising wonders. I can’t wait to see what this year holds.

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