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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I hate New Year’s resolutions. But I do love goals and dreams. That’s what I’m working on this next year – crossing off even more of my goals and dreams. I started this list a long time ago, and every year I randomly insert more things. I haven’t crossed many of them off until recently, and I definitely have deleted some as my goals change a bit as I change. Some of these are of more importance than others; they’re just all mixed in there together.

Resolutions tend to make me feel sad and oppressed. People don’t keep them; they’re almost always about ways to be ‘better’. While this list has its share of things that would maybe make me better, what I really consider it to be is just a list of ways to ‘be’. I don’t want my life to be about a continual striving to live better. What follows is just my list of ways I want to live.


Life List

  • do some service work in Africa
  • adopt a child
  • run a 5K
  • have a large family 
  • watch the sun set in Napa Valley
  • tour New England in the fall
  • get out of debt
  • live my life in radical obedience to God
  • give away at least 50% of our income
  • build a house to raise our growing family in 
  • go on a date with my husband once a month for a year
  • see the Swords to Plowshares sculpture in Washington, D.C.
  • buy a house
  • adopt a teenager from foster care
  • become a CASA worker
  • make my own vanilla extract
  • only buy vegetables and fruit in season
  • get a tattoo
  • take my daughters to see the Nutcracker
  • see U2 live
  • make photo books for all of my children
  • learn to make Beef Wellington 
  • see my children visit and bring some restoration to their first families
  • make friends whose families look like ours
  • make more friends whose families look like ours
  • make some close friends who look like and can mentor our daughter
  • be more intentional about writing
  • enjoy wine and cheese in Tuscany
  • celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary with my husband, surrounded by our children and grandchildren
  • sponsor as many children with Compassion as we have in our home
  • find ways as a family to be known through our service and love in our own community
  • ride a bike through the green hills of Ireland
  • read Anne of Green Gables to my daughter
  • help my youngest son become whatever he wants to be
  • grow and eat our own food from our own garden
  • own a nice piano that I actually enjoy playing
  • get and learn to use a DSLR camera
  • take a graphic/web design course
  • go on a weekend retreat. alone.
  • pay for someone else’s adoption
  • take my children to a developing country for short-term missions 
  • be fluent in Spanish
  • make Prime Rib 
  • see a Broadway show in NYC
  • read Little House in the Big Woods to my children
  • mentor a young mom whose kids are in the foster care system to help her put her life together and get her children back
  • dance with my oldest son at his wedding
  • Harry Potter World. I want to go there.
  • go on a longer-than-a-weekend vacation with my husband, just the two of us, not to visit family
  • develop a group of girlfriends
  • be a part of a prayer group as awesome as my mama’s
  • learn to make artisanal ice cream
  • take a run on a beach
  • go biking with all the kids
  • see my daughters fall in love
  • own a large-ish in-ground pool with a deep end. And a diving board.
  • frequent the local music scene
  • start a local foster parent support group
  • learn to make fajitas at home 
  • be a part of some significant change in the foster care system
  • leave a legacy behind that inspires others and glorifies God

What are some things on your life list?

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