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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Catching up on my saved links for the New Year. January has already brought me its share of fine blog posts, so I need to clean out my cache of links before I get too far behind…

Right when I think I couldn’t be challenged any more about Christmas traditions and spending…wow. I’m not at all suggesting that people should do this, but the thought that comes to me is “Would I do this?” I’m not sure, and I wish that my answer were different. This one is tough for me: The Lesson - (in)courage

Since I know that family gatherings aren’t necessarily over for the year, this one is still timely: Bringing Grace Home - Sarah Markley

I love stories and posts that challenge what I think about know and believe about certain things. Especially ones that involve personal stories. This was one of those: What I Want You to Know.... - Rage Against the Minivan

This is the post I needed in the tumult of December, in the pressure of vacation…this is the post I need in the angry after-math of the trip, this is the post I need today: Draped Like Benediction - Away We Go

To wrap-up – here’s the way I want to live this next year. Leaking Jesus: We Leak What We Love - Bob Goff

Your turn: time to share your favorite links. Do it here, or do it in a post. Aim for once a month or just once. If you’ve read something that challenges, excites, inspires you or even just makes you laugh – share it with all of us!

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