the gifts continue even when posts don’t get published

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You know when you think you’ve scheduled a post and then you find out it didn’t publish? No? Just me? That’s what happens when I get too involved in writing future posts and forget to double-check the ones that are actually done and ready to go. So I’ve saved the text to use for later in order to publish my list on time. Well, kind of on time.

637. the delight of my two-year-old, naming off her loved ones while she looks at pictures
638. joking with my oldest son
639. laughing with my best friend
640. my daughter’s innocent kindness in the face of an adult trauma she doesn’t completely understand
641. the gift of discomfort, forcing me to God
642. smacking kisses for a stuffed monkey
643. chewing on Scripture day and night (Psalm 1)
644. contentedness with an empty stomach or full (Philippians 4)
645. a heart that thrills to His Word (Psalm 1)
646. bright orange sweet potatoes next to bright green spinach
647. cold and snow, at long last
648. snuggled to the side of a daughter, a gift that almost wasn’t
649. encouragement for hurting mamas
650. the not-so-gentle push to focus solely on Him
651. how less of me = more of Jesus
652. Saturday morning snuggle in bed, sharing my covers with my girls
653. a son fighting to maintain a changed attitude…and succeeding
654. that moment when an idea floats close enough that you can grab hold
655. all the Bible pointing to Jesus, the real gift
656. the gathering of the saints, singing praise to our Father
657. flowers cheering bright on my kitchen countertop

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