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Friday, December 30, 2011

Herein I have compiled my list of some of my favorite moments of the year. Both my own and others'. (Did I mention that I love end of the year lists?) Some of these moments are deep; some are not. I'm not pretending like they are all of equal life importance and eternal value, but they are still all my favorite moments. Because like real life, my favorite life moments include the trivial and the significant, the fun and the serious, the extraordinary and the mundane.

1) Happy Adoption Day!
We became an official family on August 23, 2011, surrounded by our friends and family, filling the courtroom with the most people the judge had ever had at an adoption. This is what love looks like:

2) Joy! 
My favorite picture of the year - this is what Jesus looks like on someone's face. I love this picture more than I can say. It's from Carlos Whittaker's blog - check it out here: Jesus Shot Out - Ragamuffin Soul

3) Friday Night Lights - the Series Finale
Everything that a series finale should be. Everything. It was beautiful and tear-jerking and just everything lovely. It encapsulated everything about this little-watched, under-appreciated, done-far-too-soon show - just perfect. The last eight or so minutes are some of the best television I have ever seen.

4) One Thousand Gifts - halfway
You can read about it here. It was a defining moment in a defining year for me.

5) The Civil Wars in concert
This was just one great evening of music. Great venue, beautiful music, one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Loved it; love them. We saw them just as they were on the cusp of ridiculous popularity. It almost made me want to quit liking them because I have a natural aversion to trendiness, but they are just so flippin fantastic. I can't stop listening.


6) Learning how to pray for real
Not that I didn't know how to pray before, but there was a moment this year...It came flat on my face before God, asking and praying with boldness for Him to intervene NOW. Easily the boldest prayer I've ever prayed, and I'm not sorry that I've lost some inhibitions when it comes to seeking God's face and His intervention in my life and in the world.

7) Community - the Foosball Episode
Genius. Community is the smartest, funniest sitcom on television right now, and this episode is proof positive. I laughed more during this half-hour of TV than I have for a very long time.

8) The point at which I found peace
This was just an answer to the bold prayer that I prayed. We went to the final team meeting for Brenden and Raniah as their case switched to the adoption unit. Thirteen different people - case workers, supervisors, therapists, the head of the local medical center, CASA, foster parents...all of us around one table, everyone wanting what was best for our kids and their older sister. We left not knowing what would happen, but at peace. It was just a remarkable meeting. The rest of the people in that room may not have been believers, but God's presence was there. He worked; we witnessed it, and we left in awe. It was truly remarkable.

What was your favorite moment of this past year?

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