counting the gifts through exhaustion

Monday, January 2, 2012

Today has ended one of the longest weeks of my life. Vacation, especially with kids from hard places, is exhausting. Exhausting. I’m thankful tonight to just be home.

580. the overwhelming kindness of my brother-in-law, even in the smallest details
581. watching my son use skills we’ve been working on for a year and half to cope with stress and anxiety in positive ways
582. an entire family, gathered
583. a father-in-law who prays for me specifically every single day
584. a father-in-law who interrupts his prayer time to call me and speak to me personally
585. hearing my sweet father-in-law read the Christmas story
586. quiet space to bring our family back to at night
587. a beautiful view while I spend time with God
588. Netflix
589. Texas
590. fireworks
591. travelling mercies
592. a quick, efficient, cheerful, and exceedingly kind ER staff for an out-of-town, exhausted family
593. quick healing for the littlest
594. a mama to make supper for our family when our trip takes much longer than planned
595. home. just Home.

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