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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Still recuperating from what should’ve been not that big of a deal. Thank you surgery-gone-wrong….
Since I’m all out of scheduled posts and I have no drafts even remotely close to being finished, here is a sampling from my RSS feed this week:

What I’m making as soon as my hand can remotely function:
Snickerdoodle Bundt Cake

The post that has maybe convicted more than any other this week (especially as we near the holidays):
When You'd Really Like To Wear Sheer Joy - Ann Voskamp
”What if we wanted to be beautiful more than we wanted to buy beautiful?”

The posts that moved me:
On Community, Suffering, and Hope - Amber Haines for (in)courage
”And as a woman working out my salvation as best I can, I’ve seen gorgeous God unfold in their healed faith, their honesty and humility – oh the beautiful church, there.”

ShePonders: Another Anointing - Kelley Johnson-Nikondeha for SheLovesMagazine
”This anointing pushes others toward their true call. We are invited to anoint each other toward the things that matter–for our sake, for their sake and for the sake of the world in need of transformation.”

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