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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

These two artists (John Mark McMillan with Economy and Gungor with Ghosts Upon The Earth are writing what is easily the best worship music being written right now. You probably won’t ever sing it in church, but the lyrics are so incredibly deep, so profound. It’s well-thought out: every word is measured, every phrase purposeful. There’s no flippant filler. Beyond that, the musical talent of both of them is just beyond. Most people can’t even dream of writing music of this caliber. It’s just amazing. Buy these albums. Both of them.

Here are my two favorite songs (right now) from these albums. 

Gungor–When Death Dies

I mean seriously. Did you watch that? How is it even legal to play music this good much less write it?

Side note #1: I do appreciate concept albums. But I really find I can’t listen to Ghosts Upon The Earth as background music. The concept for me is so encompassing, so engrossing, that I have to just sit. and listen. to the whole album. all at once. This has turned out to be more annoying that I first anticipated.


John Mark McMillan–Economy

This is my favorite song today. It’ll probably change tomorrow. Every single song is good. I was afraid he would go in a whole different direction on this album, which is sometimes good for artists to do, but I’m not done with this part of his music yet. Keep it coming.

Side note #2: John Mark McMillan did this brilliant video podcast marketing thing that you can watch completely on YouTube. Here’s the link to the playlist.

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