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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Right when I start to talk about the dry bones and God breathing life and the already and the not yet and how I’m hoping and expecting and longing for all of that to occur…

A phone conversation with my friend this morning turned my day upside down. We’ve been friends since the first grade. I’ve been praying for her dad to come to faith in Christ since I knew how to do so. Maybe not as diligently as I should have, but off and on for years and years and years and years. This morning, she shared with me that this is precisely what is happening in her dad’s life. Faith is growing. God’s breathing life into the dry bones of a full-grown man, a father, a grandfather. He is learning to follow Christ and recognizing God’s work in his life.

Yes and Amen. This is the season of hope, of longing, of expectation. This is the season where we pray for Jesus to come, but this is also the season where we see Him come right before our very eyes. Today, I’m reveling in this long-anticipated, yet still unexpected shower of grace.

Even in the valley of dry bones, God sends His Spirit and breathes life.
This is exactly what we’re waiting for. And sometimes, on a dreary gray, rainy day, in an ordinary phone call, we get a grace-filled moment; we get to see it happen.

Jesus has come. Already. Fulfilled.
Jesus is coming. Not yet. We’re waiting.

Today, it’s so very fresh in my heart: all is grace.

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