Thursday, October 27, 2011

Please know that when you say ‘third-generation welfare recipients’, you’re talking about my children.
Please understand that when you say ‘addict’ in such derisive tones, you’re speaking about my children’s mother.
Please know that when you say that you wouldn’t want your child to marry someone of another race, what I hear is that you wouldn’t let your child marry my daughter.
Please understand that when you say that a clean drug test is required before someone should receive food stamps, what that means to my children is that they wouldn’t have received food. At all.
Please know that when you label some of my children as biracial or black or even adopted in contrast to other children, that what they will hear is only the label.

I don’t think that you mean those comments to be hurtful to particular people. I don’t believe that you mean to be racist.
But they are prejudiced comments. They hurt me, in particular. It’s painful.
Someday my children will understand these slurs, and it will hurt them too.

Please think about that.
Please stop.

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