opened eyes

Monday, October 10, 2011

My very being longs for beauty, for meaning, for something beyond the everyday. God gives me more than I dreamed or asked for, fulfilling the longing, when I open my eyes to see His gifts…

423. DVR
424. the high-pitched 'singing' of an almost two-year-old
425. the snuggly feeling of clean socks
426. pain-free surgeries
427. friends to transport children
428. the comfort of the Spirit
429. the rattle of a loaded down wagon rolling across pavement
430. hand-me-down clothing
431. afternoon hikes
432. the sound of falling acorns
433. intimate concerts at an historic venue
434. the beauty of brokenness, the promise of restoration
435. mercy
436. steaming bowls of minestrone, topped with the fragrance of pesto

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