one thousand gifts–the candy edition

Monday, October 31, 2011

We have so. much. candy. in this house. It’s really outrageous. Four kids = exponentially more candy. I can’t figure out the math part of it. And I have to eat the candy. I must eat the candy. I cannot stop eating the candy. Well, I can, but it’s hard. Very, very, very hard. I’m spending this sunny, rainy, brisk fall day enjoying the falling leaves outside my window, enjoying the candy joy inside my house, and enjoying the fact that trick or treat was Saturday instead of tonight.


454. the steadiness of rain
455. numbered lists
456. traveling safety
457. fajitas, margaritas, supper with friends
458. far away children, loved and familiar
459. the bright pink, fork tender center of a prime cut filet
460, finishing an entire book in one afternoon
461. golden rays of afternoon sun
462. beauty of silence
463. upgraded airplane seats
464. a love that punishes (from children just learning to love)
465. birthday celebrations
466. trick or treat community celebrations
467. the joy of costumed children
468. baby voices saying 'tick or teat'
469. happy visits from my mother-in-law
470. my children's overwhelming love for their grandma

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