monday unplugged

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Writing this post, unknowing when I’ll actually get to post it since our internet is on the fritz. It’s not completely out, but our moments of connection are few and far between. Good thing God’s gifts are not solely dependent on our technology.

408. family dinners
409. teaching the art of compromise
410. the magic of children in footie pajamas
411. the soothing cadence of my husband’s voice in bedtime stories
412. fervent prayers
413. sweet expectation
414. the easy weight of a trusting child resting on my shoulder
415. snuggling the tension away
416. late night laughter
417. a cleaned-up front porch
418. covenantal community
419. the body and blood, bread and the wine
420. beautiful, comfortable seating
421. Sunday naps to the sound of football
422. the hope of answered prayer

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