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Monday, October 24, 2011

Today, I’m feeling immensely blessed in this journey that God has taken our family on the past 13 years. We are different than who we would’ve been otherwise. Even in the most difficult of times, even when it was the most counter-intuitive of choices, we still chose God. And I’m so very, very grateful we did.

My list of gifts will be a week delayed since I’m pretty sure that I left my notebook in Texas this past weekend. The one I can share is my ‘gift of the day’: My son, my precious, struggling, full of pain, full of joy 10-year-old son, is one of the strongest people I know. He’s smart, he’s intuitive, he’s sensitive, he has always cared more about others than himself. Today, he made one of the toughest choices a kid can make. One to follow his conscience, honor the God he loves, and go against the crowd. One to subject himself to ridicule. A choice that was not made because his parents ‘forbid’ him to do something, but because he knew what the right choice was for him. Then he put the substance behind his choice. He clearly articulated the reasoning and some further insights beyond his initial reasoning that just blew me away. He’s a gift. Every single overly dramatic, angst-y (it’s a word; don’t question me), brilliant, compassionate, angry, sweet, young-man, little-boy part of him. A gift.


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