one thousand gifts–the conference edition

Monday, September 26, 2011

This past weekend, Wendell and I spent two days at a conference that was the best time and money we have spent on training so far. I do not have enough words right now to even process everything we heard, learned, and were reminded of this past weekend. My list is comprised of single words. Words that carry so much weight that you can’t describe them adequately. Words that are representations of grand-scale ideas, full-life theology, and an all-encompassing life change for our family. A change that brings us closer to one another, closer to our children, and one that makes us more and more like our Savior.

377. hope
378. healing
379. grace
380. connection
381. neurochemistry
382. re-do's
383. comfort
384. yesses
385. promises
386. empowerment
387. calling
388. anointing
389. attachment
390. presence
391. Dr. Karyn Purvis
392. Michael and Amy Monroe
393. Dan and Terri Coley
394. Lisa Qualls 
395. Debbie Jones
396. Texas Christian University
397. science
398. faith
399. love
400. relationship
401. brokenness
402. sacrifice
403. obedience
404. transformation
405. Empowered to Connect
406. Show Hope
407. hope. again. always hope.

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