one special gift, ten full years

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ten years ago, at the exact moment of this post, my first-born son entered this world. After a day filled with tragedy, a long, anxious night filled with fear regarding my health and his, and several hours where I was, thankfully, too stupid to realize how much danger I was actually in.  His first visitors were a couple who mentored us and befriended us during the early years of our marriage - they could've been our grandparents, and they definitely filled that role in Ben's life during my pregnancy and his first three months while we still lived there in Texas. Lee passed away this past month, and I cried like I had just seen him yesterday. The time that they poured into our lives was priceless, and they helped us, probably more than any other single thing or person in our lives, start our marriage out well and build a strong foundation for our family.

The horror and grief of 9/11 was juxtaposed against our joy. The long, painful, sleepless, crying nights to come helped insulate us from thinking too much about our world, about the fear, about the pain. Ten years.
It's hard to believe.

So much grace in my life from this sweet sweet boy over the past ten years. Looking forward to the next ten years with this little boy who made me a mama, helping to make him a man.

341. new ideas
342. watching my grown-up little boy ride his brand new bicycle
343. the safety of prison
344. the rustling of snack bags in the middle of the night, knowing my boy feels safe
345. loud chime of a door alarm
346. signing my children in to the doctor with their new last name
347. laughing out loud with an old familiar sitcom, it almost feels like an old friend
348. productive meetings, filled with buzz for exciting new opportunities
349. reaping the rewards of building true relationships
350. grace through information that I'm storing away for my children's future
351. the ability to go to my child's school over lunch
352. date night with my almost-ten-year-old
353. free birthday desserts
354. sweet acts of service from a giving husband
355. shiny, smooth, freshly waxed linoleum
356. food-free cupboard doors
357. completion of a small, yet long-overdue project
358. space to breathe
359. remembering
360. first responders, even when I'd sometimes rather have my husband stay home
361. the Spirit working through our congregation, each one, rather than top-down
362. bowling birthday parties
363. salty bottomed pizza
364. a decade of mothering
365. the little boy who made me a mama, still making my heart happy and proud today, ten years later


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