monday, post-storm

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today is actually Tuesday, but since I didn't have electric or phone until yesterday and the internet was restored late last night, this is my Monday post. Saturday night, several rounds of storms hit our house. I say our house because there is very little damage outside of our immediate area. I can't say for sure we had a tornado because the weather service will not cooperate with that assessment. There's a path of destruction from our neighborhood, down a main road, across the field to another main road, and that's about it. What I can say for sure is that it was strange. The pressure changed, our house 'sucked in' all the air, shook fairly hard, and the amount of destruction in our neighborhood is amazing.

Interestingly, they never even issued a severe thunderstorm warning for our area. There was just no warning at all. The thing was, just didn't quit. That first really destructive round struck quickly, but lasted awhile, and then just wave after wave of storms came for the next several hours. The first wave at 6 pm, then a break - the next hit at 9:45, and then it didn't really stop until after 3 am. I definitely didn't sleep as I was home alone with the hubs out doing his first responder schtick. Which basically amounted to keeping a list of areas where they couldn't get to because of the damage. Late Saturday night, there was basically no way in or out of our development. By Sunday morning, they had opened up at least one way out so I could at least get to church.

I didn't think I was all that scared Saturday night. When I got up Sunday morning though and truly saw what had happened, it kind of sucked the breath out of me. Trees, HUGE trees, are uprooted. Branches are twisted off the ones that weren't. There were power lines down on almost every main road and most of the small ones. Our trampoline was blown into the lake, and it appeared to have kind of exploded along the way; debris from the top of it was scattered all around the yard.

Every time I entered and left our neighborhood for the past couple days, I have the same slightly tight-chested, panicky feeling. Tonight, it's blowing a lot; they're calling for rain. And I feel the same. I would feel like a sissy except people who have lived here for 50+ years are saying it's the worst storm they've ever been through. There was just something about it. Frankly, even now, most people who don't live right where it was don't even understand it. For most of our area, it was just a bad storm. For our immediate neighborhood...I don't know. Can't describe it. But everyone was fairly shell-shocked the morning after.

Thankful this week for storm safety. For fire personnel to investigate. For electric companies that work through the night to restore our flushing toilet function. For neighborhoods full of people ready and willing to help each other clean up, even before they work on their own yards. Many, many graces...

320. cool air courtesy of our air conditioner
321. the joy of a little boy
322. hard eucharisteos - a million small tragedies, a million tiny graces
323. cold and smooth chocolate ice cream. I love Wendy's Frosties
324. healing hydration of vaseline
325. stitches. OUT.
326. benign biopsies
327. plenty of clothing for all of my children
328. cool, smooth, clean sheets
329. electricity restored
330. safety during a terrible storm
331. the hum of a generator, protecting our food
332. a church with electricity, so I can have much-needed coffee
333. loud praises of my children
334. kindheartedness of friends and strangers
335. the rallying of a community after a small disaster
336. electric company workers who work through the night to restore power
337. the sweet sound of a flushing toilet
338. light illuminating the darkness
339. a handy husband who can attempt to fix our children's favorite toy
340. baby kisses, sticky and grape-scented

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