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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here's a not-so-secret disclosure: I read a lot of blogs. Thanks to Google Reader and the handy-dandy 'Next' button, I read them very, very quickly. I estimate only 15 minutes or so a day to get through more than 50 subscriptions, plus many, many links off of those blogs. So I'll do a little wrap-up for the benefit of those who do not share my blog passion. These are just brief excerpts; click on the link to read the whole post or article. And here are my favorite links of the past week - they're a bit random, which is how I roll on the internets:

Our Little Tongginator: Helping a Family Who Recently Adopted: "I thought of several things that church members can do to help a family that recently adopted an older baby or toddler. I wasn't quite so blunt with my words when speaking to them, but I figure if y'all are reading here, you are open to hearing my no-holds-barred opinions. (And yes, y'all, I know that families who adopt newborns need help, too, but families adopting older babies and children typically require more non-traditional forms of assistance.)"

The Bloggess: Would You Like to Buy a Monkey?: "Last weekend at a thrift shop I found a small, stuffed monkey, which seemed to have some sort of snout leprosy and would probably murder us in our sleep. I named him “Copernicus”." [Disclaimer: This is an adult link. If you are offended by language and/or homicidal monkeys, then skip this link entirely.]

Nicolas Kristoff in the NYTimes: Evangelicals Without Blowhards: "Partly because of such self-righteousness, the entire evangelical movement often has been pilloried among progressives as reactionary, myopic, anti-intellectual and, if anything, immoral. Yet that casual dismissal is profoundly unfair of the movement as a whole. It reflects a kind of reverse intolerance, sometimes a reverse bigotry, directed at tens of millions of people who have actually become increasingly engaged in issues of global poverty and justice. This compassionate strain of evangelicalism was powerfully shaped by the Rev. John Stott..."

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