Monday, August 15, 2011

This morning, I'm in some serious prayer for my family. I'm struggling to see where God's working in this particular situation. I'm grateful I can rummage through my purse to find my notebook, encrusted with chap stick and goldfish crumbs (thanks Baby R), to read through line after line of God's working. But I'm still struggling with where to find God in this space. Will this situation one day be a gift or will the struggle be what becomes the gift? Today I'm wondering.

301. small legal changes all adding up to our official declaration as a family
302. one final full day of sister adventures for awhile
303. dum-dum suckers from the bank drive-thru
304. the myriad of colors and smells at a market
305. handmade clothing
306. artisan breads and ice creams
307 creamy chocolate, tinged with cinnamon, chased with the heat of cayenne
308. the heady heat of the best Pad Thai I've ever had
309. sharing life, even the disappointing parts, with family
310. having fun at church
311. new clothes for court
312. the long-awaited arrival of the grandparents
313. a night out with old friends - the ease of a relationship when you've grown up together
314. the unadulterated love of my children for their grandparents
315. time alone with my favorite four year old
316. regular reminders to not be complacent with parenting
317. God's not-so-subtle nudging to put my children's needs first

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