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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shaun-Groves-Third-World-Symphony-iTunes-banner-200x200This is a great day for new music. If you haven't bought Shaun Groves album yet, you should. Beautiful grace-filled music. You will not regret it. While you're at it, watch this video of him and my favorite blogger, Ann Voskamp, at her farm in Canada. It's all grace there:

"A life contemplating the blessings of Christ becomes a life acting the love of Christ.
I listen to wind in the corn, rain on the pane, and I find my place.
All the lost pieces are finding their place…."
~ excerpted from One Thousand Gifts

All Is Grace (With Ann Voskamp) from Shaun Groves on Vimeo.

 After you get that one, hop on over and get Sara Groves' new album. More than a month ahead of schedule. It's been a happy, happy morning at our household. Love Sara Groves. Love pre-release packages. Love all this music.
Pre-release packages available today.

"When you see a man walk free...
When you see a child walk free...
When you see your family free...
It makes you dream of Jubilee.
Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on."
~Eyes on the Prize

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