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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why White People Adopt Black Children: "As an adoptive mom to two black children, and thus, the matriarch of a transracial family, I can testify that white privilege, prejudice, and stereotypes against black people still exist despite the number of people who claim to be colorblind. In addition to racial prejudices, my family is sometimes treated as second-class because we came together through adoption instead of biology."
I will admit to feeling like we were past this, as a culture and a nation. I also will admit that most people, even while treating me this way, do not truly understand what they're doing. I do not believe that most people intend to cause our family and our children pain, yet there are still so many questions, statements, and ideas which do that.

I Will Gather All of You: "I will be the paper, that even when you shatter, will hold you together.  You will not burst into the wind so that all your parts will be lost. You will not be lost. But I will hold you together, even in your brokenness."
Oh, how I need to be held together.

Help Your Children Live a Better Story: "Our kids are bored with the story we are helping them write. The religious interactions we provide are often times cliché, the means of learning trite, and the Bible we present has no more depth than the felt board Bible Studies presented in Sunday school. So how do we change? How can we help our children write a better story that will draw them closer to God’s heart? Here are a few things you as a parent can write into your child’s life to help cure the pervasive boredom of this generation."
I'm eager to pass along to my children the exciting adventure of this story we're living in. I really have been struggling with the current thought about how what God needs most of us to be is a boring Christian. To be plodding along in our faith. Not cool. I get what they're trying to say. That not everyone gets to live in Africa or be Bono. But what they're really presenting is that the majority of Christians are living boring lives, and we're supposed to all learn to be fine with it. That faith is largely just based on 'plodding' along. (Can you think of a more depressing word?) And glory upon glory, if you do this boring stuff really well, then God might "honor" you by calling you to the truly exciting way to serve Him.
The life God calls us to lead, the story He calls us to live in is right here and now. My life is not just a preparation for something more exciting. My life is certainly not boring. Nothing about following Christ has ever been boring in my life. If I find myself getting bored, I can almost guarantee that I'm not following close enough to Jesus. If I transmit that to my kids, then I am doing them a great disservice. It bothers me that this is how a significant portion of people are viewing their lives. That this is what they're passing to their children. I fear that our kids will definitely reject this way of life, this exciting, marvelous, truly best way of life, if they see their parents plodding along in boredom.

My Learning Curve: Caring for Our Other Children: "How do we focus so much energy on parenting the kids we have from hard places while also parenting the 2-3 young biological kids we have?"
While this is a constant struggle for us now because we're parenting a kid from a hard place, I find this advice to be useful for anyone with multiple children. Let's face it, there will always be one child that demands more attention at any particular time through your life. These suggestions serve as a reminder that even if one is requiring more effort, there is still balance to be struck in our families' lives.

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