generations of gifts

Monday, August 1, 2011

Something about this particular heat wave, this particular summer is making me nostalgic. I feel the heavy goodness of a lifetime of gifts, the beautiful weight of generations of gifts. I have such a legacy of faith and family. I am blessed to pass that down to my children; I am honored to see it visited on my sons and daughters year after year. Family is a beautiful, broken, grace-filled thing, and so many of the gifts are woven into our family tapestry. Truly today, I am feeling the 'multitudes' of one thousand, and even more, gifts.

284. girls' nights out
285. years of shared laughter
286. capturing these moments on film
287. family ice cream nights
288. little girl excitement
289. hours of made up songs, sung with flair and delight
290. long sun-soaked afternoons
291. delicious exhaustion after a day in the water
292. a day in court - scheduled at LAST
293. reconnecting with family
294. a husband who knows the best gifts to bring
295. the earth sensuousness of Layer Cake Malbec
296. the sweaty sweetness of a fair day with the kids
297. powdered sugar smiles and sticky cotton candy fingers
298. new forever-family furniture
299. putting up applesauce with all of my sisters
300. planning for babies, enjoying our children, praying for the future - loving afternoons with my sisters and my mom

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