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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The team members are still on my mind this week as we mail and deliver party and court invitations. (Because we're going to court and then we're having a party!) The foster system is broken in a whole bunch of ways, but in spite of that, the people on our kids' team worked hard for them. Sometimes what they thought was best wasn't, and sometimes what they thought was best didn't happen. They just continued to work together to help the kids. Culminating in one fairly important meeting towards the end of this case where thirteen (13!!!) people sat around a table at DJFS to talk about and determine what was best for all three of the kids. 2 caseworkers, 2 FCS supervisors, 1 psychiatrist, 3 therapists, 1 CASA worker, 1 Help Me Grow worker, and 3 foster parents. All there to advocate for what was best for the kids.

We believe that meeting was the turning point for this case where it was decided that Mr. B and Baby R would stay with us. Even if it hadn't ended up that way, I still would have felt really good about this particular aspect of the case. It just doesn't happen that way in most places, in most cases.

One of the really cool outcomes of this case was that we are in the beginning stages of becoming involved with a new team that is attempting to use cross-agency communication and training to develop a 'model' team for subsequent cases. What happened for our kids should happen for all kids. The adults in their life, the families and the professionals, should be working closely together, communicating with one another, and spending their time and effort on behalf of the children. I'm not quite sure what our role will be in this team, why they invite us to these meetings, but as long as they let us attend, we're committed to be there to help make things better for the children in our county. Is change coming? I sure hope so, and I'm excited to get to be a part of it.

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