Monday, July 11, 2011

It's VBS week here. So I'm busy, but even when I'm not busy, I'm distracted. I have a couple posts brewing in my head, but they are unlikely to make it out coherently today. In the meantime, I'm still counting...

250. the quietness of a pensive, peaceful morning
251. financial relief for essential healthcare
252. access to materials we're not "supposed" to have - an unexpected blessing for our children
253. sticky hands and tired chidlren
254. the gift of free, private swimming time
255. protection for children and families who desperately need it
256. reliving my childhood, playing in the pool with my siblings
257. a husband who gives up precious sleeping hours to build his children a toy
258. joyous leaping and bouncing
259. deep green hostas grown so large they crowd out weeds
260. tower of donuts. with sprinkles.
261. friends and family joined in celebration
262. matching uncle and nephew baseball caps
263. blowing out your own birthday candles
264. the second of many birthday celebrations to come
265. progress towards finalization
266. a family for our kids' older sister


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