Wednesday, July 6, 2011

  • The 4th has totally thrown me off. I'm still stuck on Tuesday, even though my calendar clearly says it's Wednesday. As a result, I cannot put coherent thoughts together; thus this random list of items for today's post.
  • We've been swimming a lot the past few days. Baby R thinks that she can swim. She's sure of it, in fact, and she holds you in contempt if you try to indicate to her that she needs a floaty or needs to be held. The pool is amusingly green right now. We've dumped in chlorine by the gallons, but it's just not getting better very fast. I'm pretending it's a lagoon.
  • We got a trampoline for the kids. It is much larger than I anticipated, and due to the design of the net, it looks a little like a circus in the backyard. I am undecided if I really like it or not.
  • Mr. B turns four next Monday. Four. years. old. It's ridiculous. I am not a fan of growing up.
  • My serious and important conversation did not actually go as I had hoped. It wasn't bad, but I kind of got the feeling I would be ignored. Which is ok in normal situations, but this one happens to be a pretty big deal as far as content. Also, I'm not wrong. Sometimes I am wrong, sometimes people have different opinions on various stuff, but in this particular instance, I'm not wrong. I feel uneasy about it even though the conversation's done. I feel at peace knowing that I did what I was supposed to, but still...unease.
  • I love So You Think You Can Dance. And Masterchef. Both of those shows make me feel capable of doing things that I am totally unable to do.
  • I am in love with the Zooey Deschanel previews. Whatever the new show she's going be on - not exactly sure what it's called, but the previews are hilarious. I'm a huge fan of the Deschanel sisters anyway. They are beautiful and talented, and they both have great style. Oh, yeah, they're funny on top of it.
  • I have not been running in five days because of a twinge on the side of my knee. It sucks. I'm behind in my training now, and I'm not very pleased about it.
  • My cousin is cleaning my teeth. She's in a dental hygienist program, and they have clinicals. It's super cheap, but very very long. By the end of my visits, it will have taken nine hours to do what can be done in a little over a half-hour in the dentist office. At least I'm not paying much, and I'm helping students learn. It's very altruistic. However, I found out today from the supervising dentist that I have two cavities. One I pretty much knew about, but the other is kind of underneath my crown. I asked what this meant. He says, "probably you'll need a new crown". Terrific. Because I keep hundreds of dollars just lying around for dental work at all times.
  • I currently have 24 bug bites from 40 minutes spent outdoors this evening weeding my back flowerbed. This proves that weeding is bad for my health, and I should probably never do it again.

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