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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm behind again this week, but only because I thought our computer had broken. It was a confusing problem. Wendell came home last night and worked on it for a couple hours before he figured it out. It wasn't broken. We had just forgotten to check one thing. I felt stupid, but at least Wendell also didn't figure it out right away. At least it's not broken.

This past week, we finally signed the adoptive placement papers and met with our attorney. We are official now. We are no longer a foster family. All the papers completed and signed, case is filed with the court, and by the end of the week, we'll have a date for the judge to bang his gavel and say it's over! Well, it's not over by any means, but there is a tremendous weight that is slowly being lifted off of us. Every step forward is freeing us a little more. I regret the time that we've spent under this weight. Not that I regret any of the moments spent with our children, but I regret that the weight of the unknown future has robbed us of some enjoyment. Baby R is 19 months old, and even though she's spent almost her entire life with us, I feel like I've missed the bulk of it. I did not enjoy her infant stage as much as I wish I would have been able to. I'm looking forward to the future and not worrying about that aspect. There is plenty to worry about for my children, but whether or not they will be my children is not a worry I will have any more.

Now my worries will be all about the future. How and where we will raise our children. How we will deal with adoption, birth families, openness, racism, integration, and all of that. What our calling and future is in the foster care system. I'm excited to move forward.

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