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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Slagells will have their day in court. It's actually only three weeks later than what they originally estimated. For DJFS, we're going to consider this a win.

We're told that we will go to the judge's chambers for a brief question and answer session based on whatever the judge wants to know about us. Stuff like why we want to adopt Mr. B and Baby R, the strength of our marriage (Isn't that laughable? The standards to adopt a child versus just birth one are very, very far apart.), any info he wants to know about the kids and their future based on what he read in their report, and maybe he'll talk to Mr. B if he will cooperate. Then all the rest of the family will be invited in. Not to the chambers, though. We were asked about how many people would be coming, and I said, 'Not too many. We estimate less than 20.' They laughed and said, 'tell your attorney you'll need the big courtroom reserved.' Thus, everyone else will join in the big courtroom where he'll do the official pronouncement stuff, allow the kids to bang the gavel, pose for pictures, etc.

Now I have to decide what to wear.

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