Monday, July 25, 2011

Still waiting for more news this week. We will hopefully have a court date soon, but if not, we will continue to work on our patience. In the meantime, I have exciting new possibilities to think about. I think I'll fill my mind with those prospects. I'll think about exciting possibilities, new music, new books, new friends, fresh starts, and the list of graces that grows ever longer week by week.

267. dedicated servants
268. noisy, joyful praises
269. God working through adults and kids alike
270. a community where what's typical is unusual - where the majority instead of the minority serve with gladness
271. smoothly functioning technology
272. blue and yellow generic certificates - the first pieces of documentation where our children are listed by their new names
273. free replacement of a crown
274. sweet relief of air conditioning
275. friends with skills and willing to help fix broken household items
276. the promise of new friendship
277. families who look like ours, validation for our children
278. my children's joy at watching their uncle play football
279. hazy mornings after summer rain
280. pinatas in the sanctuary
281. children in the sanctuary
282. lazy afternoons with overseas friends
283. once AGAIN the sweet anticipation of the wait

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