tuesday five?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I know that five isn't alliterative, but the only numbers available for T are two which is not enough, and really big numbers. So I've picked five random items for my list. I'll save alliteration for another day.

1) I love chicken enchiladas. Especially these ones. Although I chopped up six pretty old, striated jalapeƱos for the enchiladas and our side salad and my hands feel a little fiery this evening.

2) I also love mint and lime. I am getting pretty good at combining them for beverages, if I do say so myself. Wendell agrees though.

3) Tonight at the gym, I rolled the dice and started my entire song library on shuffle - always risky. But the first song? Rocketown. That is correct. A little MWS made my whole evening worthwhile. You definitely need to share the joy. Just lean in close to your monitor because Michael is always better live. One time, circa 1999, I saw Michael rock a pair of capris. I'm still a little conflicted over the success of that outfit. Side note: recently learned that MWS is a grandpa. Freaky, right?

4) Directly related to the previous item - I think need a gym buddy. Sometimes I like working out alone. Sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to. Working out is more fun with a friend.

5) I am looking forward to attending a wedding this weekend sans children. While I love my children, I would like to enjoy this wedding, and that absolutely cannot be done with my little 18-month-old delight. Now for what to wear...

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