dancing on Mondays

Monday, June 13, 2011

This morning I feel like dancing. It's the beginning of a very rough appointment week. I have some anxiety over how it will go. I have plans to work out that anxiety at the gym. Although, not tomorrow because Wendell is working tomorrow night. But maybe Tuesday...

I made a new workout playlist this past week. I am still enjoying it after 6 play-throughs, so I deem it a success. Unfortunately, it causes me to dance. Which might not seem like a bad thing, but if you're dancing on the elliptical or the treadmill, sometimes you look a little strange. Feel like dancing your Monday away? I'm loving Foster the People right now.

This week, as always, I am counting the ways that God loves me. I've said it before, but I did not expect this discipline to change my life to the extent that it has. I feel different. I am different. I'm faced with pain, with anxiety, with uncertainty, but I choose joy. I choose to rest in the all-encompassing, overwhelming, never failing love of God.

223. safety for disobedient children

224. a new workout playlist
225. charred-edge smoky beer burgers (thanks Rachael Ray)
226. welcome relief of air conditioning
227. opportunities to teach my children about honesty
228. celebrating the accomplishments of my sisters and brother-in-law
229. relaxing parties with family and friends
230. the recording magic of my DVR
231. the sweet, confident voice of my little boy telling us his full name
232. a glass of Simi, thanks to my sweet husband
233. playing Dutch Blitz with my mama
234. a heart full of love and laughter to start out a really tough week

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