why are there no clever songs titles about tuesday

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There's a lot of songs about Monday. There's songs about Friday, including my favorite by one Miss Rebecca Black. But I really couldn't come up with any famous Tuesday songs from which to draw a cleverly titled blog post. Sounds like a songwriter challenge. I'll stick Maggie on it. She writes a minimum of three songs per day right now.

Today, my favorite Alisia Domer finally, after three-plus days of labor, delivered her first baby girl, who is delightful and cute and perfect in every way. This concludes the Huber Mennonite Church Baby Series.  (At least this particular season - I do happen to know that there is at least one more baby coming to join the HMC family within the next nine months.) So we'll call it the season finale, rather the series finale. Score: 4 healthy babies. 2 girls, 2 boys. 3 normal-sized, 1 a little larger. :)

While I may be biased, we have been part of a few other faith communities, and Huber is one spectacular place to rear your children. In fact, the primary reason that we have remained a part of Huber all these years is for our children. We haven't even had that large or that organized of a traditional 'children's ministry', although that's been developing differently lately, but I view our whole church as 'children's ministry'. My children have not been segregated from our family as we worship, serve, grow, minister, and fellowship together. They are developing a whole life spirituality based on what they see and experience as part of our community. They are developing relationships that I hope pay off big time once they hit puberty and never want to speak to their parents again. I trust that they will have people in place who they can speak to, who they trust, and most importantly, people who we trust. I grew up here, and I grew up with the richness of a spiritually, theologically, politically, economically, racially, and culturally diverse heritage of faith. It's a beautiful family who isn't afraid to embrace messiness and who opens its arms to everyone; I am pleased that my children can grow up here, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

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