two weeks of gifts

Monday, May 16, 2011

Since my post last week disappeared, I'm putting last week's list and this week's list together. Today I'm awaiting more baby news, and relishing the three new lives in the past couple weeks. I feel more anxious about these four babies than I did about my own! Next group of babies in my life needs to be a bit more spread out.

Join me - count the gifts that God has placed in your life:

187. assurance in trials
188. focused and productive meetings
189. committed professionals
190. a change in adoption workers
191. relief
192. obvious evidence of God's hand
193. seeing just a glimpse of the battle for our souls
194. history and heritage of Medway Elementary
195. Mr. Miller
196. fire safety
197. hope
198. answered prayers
199. time away with my husband
200. fluffy white pillows and sheets on a bed that I didn't have to make...and don't have to make in the morning, either
201. eclectic places to enjoy a delicious meal
202. babies, babies, babies - new life!!
203. confirmation of God's call
204. a room full of people committed to God's purposes
205. reconnection with old friends
206. hugs from new friends
207. strangers who share my heart and my struggles without me even explaining
208. a community working together to help raise their children
209. obedient families living God's call in very counter-cultural ways

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