Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I had a totally different post planned for today. But two and half hours ago, the kids' caseworker entered our home. Mr. B greeted her at the door (completely unprompted by us) with "I can stay here forever??" And she said yes.

So we've spent the past two hours on the phone. Mr. B wanted to call everyone in his family. He says the same thing every single time, "I tan stay here forever. [Caseworker's name] said so."

Ben jumped up and down and from furniture piece to furniture piece. He says, "We should have a party!" I said, "We will, once we go to court and the judge says so." He says, "We should buy salami!"


Then he says, "or summer sausage."

Apparently, a party to a nine-year-old boy is synonymous with salami.

The adoption worker will be out to our house on June 1st. She told our caseworker that after that point, she is supposed to finalize within 60 days. Which is just so much quicker than I expected, frankly. In our experience, nothing about the system has moved with any sort of speed. We'll keep praying that that will be true, but we figure if they're telling the children, then this is for real now.

In other news, they currently have 58 applicants for the older sister. With more coming in every day. Such exciting news!

I don't have a ton else to say. I am just so excited and still scared because it's not actually finalized yet and relieved and oh. my. word. God is good, and He answers prayer. Especially the fervent prayers of my little three-year-old boy.

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