springtime is a double-edged sword

Monday, April 18, 2011

I am having the worst allergy day that I've had since fall today. It's supposed to rain later, and I'm hoping that settles stuff back down so that I can breathe. It didn't help that I was so exhausted after a busy Palm Sunday/worship team/baby shower weekend. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, even if it is visitation day.

Counting the gifts in the midst of my sneezes and sniffles...

149. 13 years of marriage
150. a miraculous psychiatric evaluation
151. relaxation techniques
152. pretty-in-pink tulips
153. the glorious unfolding of a pearly white flower
154. buttons
155. babies
156. the anticipation of meeting someone unknown, yet known so intimately
157. sisters and friends
158. absolute assurance that God is big enough to handle any questions I have
159. children with palm branch "Hosannas"
160. a God who saves
161. colorful beauty of taco salad
162. sweet overnight relief of allergy medicine

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