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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I know I'm a day late this week for my Monday post. It's just been that kind of week. I just didn't have much in me to write down gifts this past week. I did get one done:

146. birthday celebrations

Given the situation in our home this morning, I probably shouldn't be taking the time to sit and blog, but I had to get some stuff down before I change my mind. Plus, it gives all of us a breather from one another. I'll go back a little lighter, a little fresher to deal with my day.

Before Tuesday, it had been six weeks since we had a sibling visit. I had just plain forgotten what the fall-out was like. After the visit, things were weird that night, but a different kind of reaction than we're accustomed to. The next day, though, it really began again in earnest. I have to be honest that a lot of the pain of this past week is our own doing. We flirted with the idea of being a 'normal' family this past week. I ran errands during the day, with the kids. We went out alone, we went to a friend's house as a family, we went to an extremely small family birthday party. All of that resulted in a very rude reminder that normal living is not for us. We can't do those kinds of things anymore. We have to be very intentional and particular about what our family time looks like, what things we can agree to. It's about protecting our children. That's what we failed at the past week. This week will be better. We will be purposeful and proactive. Next week will probably be worse again. I think we have some very, very painful decisions to make regarding Easter weekend.

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