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Monday, April 25, 2011

First a free gift:
Maggie's rendition of the Easter story as overheard at lunch today -
"When they put him in the tomb, he got all wrapped up in that sparkly stuff. Then they rolled the stone so that no one could steal the body. Like an Easter egg. Then they opened and he came popping out. It was awesome. Jesus comes out happy. He's like the bunny. Bunnies are always happy. He doesn't come out all like, "I'm alive! I'm alive!" He comes out and then people have to go find him."
I'm personally impressed with her ability to integrate our bunnies and candy traditions into the Resurrection story.

Tony Campolo is a definite favorite of mine, and my parents introduced him to us at a very young age. As a result, I can nearly recite his It's Friday but Sunday's Coming sermon. It definitely doesn't originate with him, but he is the first person that I ever heard preach it. I've heard it a lot. You may have as well, but it does frame my Easter weekend in a new way this year. Mostly because yesterday did not feel like Resurrection Sunday to me. We've had a hard week. We have no answers. We've lost some hope. It still feels like Friday. Every day is a Friday for us right now...but I still count the gifts because I know that Sunday's coming. It might not have come yesterday. I don't know when it'll feel like Resurrection Sunday again in this house. But it's coming.

So I count...
Sunday's comin.

164. opportunities to trust
165.rain-soaked lawns
166. ducklings all in a row
167. freshly mowed grass
168. fire-charred hot dogs
169.smoldering embers
170. a husband who mops floors
171. the purity of the tears of lament
172. the soul-crushing agony of the wait. My whole life feels like a Friday...but Sunday's comin'.
173. fullness of heart at seeing my children with long-distance grandparents
174. the creamy spiciness of a truly excellent chili relleno
175. the best Easter basket hiding spot
176. a full, welcoming Easter table
177. redemptive 'welcome homes'
178. healing time with the littlest boy

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