sunshine, anger, earthquakes and Third Day

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today there is sunshine. It's fantastic. I am not a great lover of sunshine. When I moved to Texas, it was the hottest summer on record in many, many years, and the sunshine made me crazy. I used to pull my curtains and make the blinds as dark as possible in the afternoon. I know, I have issues. I actually love a rainy day. Unless it's been two consecutive weeks of rainy days. In that case, I love me some sunshine. Also, the children can go outside when it's not raining. Yes, sunshine is where it's at.

The sunshine is also helping to boost my mood just a little. Appointment Week did not go well. Not only did appointment week not go well, but we had to reschedule visitation for next week, so Appointment Week is stretched out to Appointment Week and a Half. Yesterday, I was so angry that I could barely speak. Or I spoke too much. I'm pretty sure both happened depending on who I was with. I still feel quite a bit of that anger today, but this morning I started out with a phone call from one of the team members. I felt a little better after that. At the very least, a little calmer.

I spent most of this morning watching earthquake/tsunami coverage. (Which mostly consisted of this same stupid shot of waves lapping the shore in Hawaii. Thanks for the riveting coverage, CNN.) I'm feeling grieved, as is everyone, over what's occurred and the depth of the devastation. However, I am really thankful I don't live somewhere where this could happen. The little earthquakes we have in Ohio are about the extent of anything I want to experience like that. The ocean coming up and covering up the land and washing away the houses - I don't even want to talk about it. Like I'm not scared enough of the ocean the way it is.

Finally, Third Day. I will have to go on record as saying that I am not a fan of Third Day right now or for many years. I liked early Third Day, but I have a lot of negative opinions about the K-Love factor on Christian music. That's probably a story for another time. That said, I don't even know how new this song is. Could be years old for all I know since I haven't heard a Third Day album I really liked since, umm, 2003. And that one was a worship album. Last regular album I really liked? Time. I'm pretty sure that was circa 2000.

I love this song a lot, but I also had a pretty negative reaction to this video when I first started watching it. I didn't really understand what they were doing. It seemed exploitative on a whole lot of levels, and frankly, it might be. You might not have that reaction, but if you do, stick with it. It gets good.

Third Day - Children of God (Director's Cut) from The Cox Brothers on Vimeo.

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