needing a miracle

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Praying for my friends today. After two years (for the oldest child. one year for the youngest) with their current foster placements, it looks like they will be moved. This is my least favorite part of fostering. The part where if Children's Services were diligent and truly followed the law as written, the children would have already found permanency. Of course, every case is more complicated than simple common sense or following the law. But still. my heart is heavy today. No matter what's right and how it happens, two little children will be losing the only family they really know. Nothing makes that better. My friends will be losing their children. Nothing makes that better. Most people won't even acknowledge what happens to these children or to this couple as a loss. It's virtually the same as a death, but people probably won't send sympathy cards. They probably won't bring meals. They'll probably say, "Well, you knew this might happen." As if that makes it better. So my heart is very, very heavy.

I am not overcome by despair. My God is a God who can work miracles. That's what I'm praying for tonight. A miracle for this family. Amen.

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