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Monday, March 21, 2011

This week, I've been praying humility over my children. That they would not only have a correct view of themselves, but also a correct view of others. Always, always putting others ahead of themselves. That's what Jesus calls us to. That upside-down kind of life, the kind that brings heaven to earth, that shows the Kingdom of God is already here among us. (Side note: for some reason, this particular theology is quite controversial of late, for reasons that I definitely don't understand because Jesus Himself said it.)

My son already has this spiritual characteristic in spades. His humility humbles me. He takes any opportunity to serve others, and he has for his whole life. I don't see it every time, but I hear about it - from his teachers, from his coaches, from people at church, from even the parents of another player on his ball team! I tend to be hard on him because he's the oldest, because I know his potential, because I get frustrated when he just acts like a kid. I've been trying to encourage more than criticize with him because I've really been convicted that this is an area of growth for me and one where I can really speak life into him. To crush his spirit through my constant criticism when he doesn't 'measure up' would be a grievous sin on my part.

Ben has a special calling on his life, one that has been prophesied over him by more than one person since before he was even born. I tend to hold this a little close to my chest because of how special and private it is for me and for Ben. As a result, however, I have been guilty of forgetting just how special he is. (This is not to the detriment of my other children at all, just God working on my relationship with Ben specifically at this particular point in time) Really, those prophecies were given to me, not to Ben - he was too little to know or understand. So it's my job to continue to grow his spirit towards Christ, to teach him to love and obey, to encourage him to fulfill his true potential. He has a huge part to play in this great big God Story, and I need to help him grow towards it. Not to put huge expectations on him that he has to live up to, but to grow and encourage what is already there in him. I'm just newly aware and in awe of all the ways that Ben's heart looks like Jesus.

Ben, although I listed him last week instead of this week, is just one way that God is loving on me this week. Join me in counting the ways He's loving you...

120. the heritage and legacy of my community of faith

121. twenty-five declarations of love a day. for three days straight.
122. a canceled visit
123. new growth of green grass
124. open sunroofs
125. healing hands
126. years of prayers from a godly woman on behalf of my children
127. a free gift of healing - physical and emotional - TIME
128. the lost: found
129. God who knows what I need and provides before I ask or even know myself
130. the Word of God - living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword
131. the littlest comforting a crying, hurting older sister with a hug

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