Book Love: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Monday, March 7, 2011

The paperback is out. Now there's no excuse not to buy it. I loved this book more than, well, maybe even more than Blue Like Jazz. You can link through to Amazon in my little widget over on the side of the page - see how easy I've made it for you? Seriously. It's worth the money. Everyone could use the reminder that you're living in a story and it's not about you.

Take Job, for instance:
"Job found contentment and even joy, outside the context of comfort, health, or stability. He understood the story was not about him, and he cared more about the story than he did about himself."
Our stories are what define us. I want to live one that ends well, that points to the One who started this whole Story in the first place.
"We live in a world where bad stories are told, stories that teach us life doesn't mean anything and that humanity has no great purpose. It's a good calling, then, to speak a better story. How brightly a better story shines. How easily the world looks to it in wonder. How grateful we are to hear these stories, and how happy it makes us to repeat them."

What story are you telling? from Rhetorik Creative on Vimeo.

quotes from A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Donald Miller, 2009, Thomas Nelson

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