all's grace

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ann Voskamp often signs her blog, as well as both the email and personal correspondence I received from her, with this: All's grace.

Because it is. All of it. Even the past week where I felt angry, disappointed, doubtful, and so very dark - all's grace. I wrote more gifts this past week than I maybe ever had in seven days time. Were there just more gifts this week? Or is it the dark that made me better able to see?

All's grace...

104. opportunity to run out my frustrations at the gym
105. my son's outreach to his friends
106. a little girl, no church or bible training, still willing to pray aloud in public to a God she's just beginning to know
107. a listening, caring CASA worker
108. the littlest's father, who cares and loves enough to want to say goodbye
109. the warmth of sunshine
110. my husband's patience
111. sweet snuggles from a sick baby
112. gracious forgiveness for a mama's harsh words
113. the pudgy not-quite-baby, yet not-quite-yet-little-boy hand smoothing back my hair during tender bedtime moments
114. my adoption into the family of God
115. exercising creativity too-long dormant
116. the Christ-like-ness of the son God first gave me to love
117. gap-toothed smiles of my girls
118. my 3-year-old, still without a permanent home, who knows somewhere in his spirit exactly who his family is. And he's thankful for them.
119. God-given, scary, impossible, undiscovered, and yet-to-be-fleshed-out dreams

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