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Sunday, February 20, 2011

We bought a new van this week. Well, new to us. Not the newest vehicle we've ever owned, as we realized that we bought a 2-year-old car many, many moons ago, but it is definitely the fanciest. When those people ordered their new van back in 2005, the salesman asked them what options they wanted, and they said, "All of them." We didn't look for a fully-loaded vehicle, but it just happened to be the one we could afford. I personally prefer cloth seats to leather as a general rule, and I don't particularly care for built-in DVD players. In spite of my 'preferences', this is the van we found and could afford.

As a result, I am simultaneously infatuated with and terrified by the van. I'm infatuated with the sunroof, the JBL speakers, the automatic sliding doors, the remote that can open any door on the car including the trunk, and all 500 of the storage compartments. But most of all, I am in love with my heated leather seats. All that's lovely and sweet in this world, I did not know heated leather seats were so fantastic. I feel like someone has been keeping this from me purposefully. My hiney (spellcheck does not like this word. how do you spell it?) is so, so toasty warm and happy on cold days now. I'm almost dreading the arrival of spring which will render my heated leather seats unusable.

I am terrified by the back-up camera. What do I watch? Do I look in the mirrors like normal? Do I watch the back-up camera? I end up just flitting my eyes from mirror to camera to mirror to camera, and I'm pretty sure I'm worse in reverse (ha!) than I was before the fancy-schmancy camera. Our mechanic friend told us that they are mandatory in all cars beginning in 2013 or 2014, I can't remember which. I anticipate many back-up accidents.

I am also terrified by the built-in nav system. I don't know how to use it well, it's a little bit outdated, and you can't use it while driving. Which I understand is a safety feature, but I really want to be able to input an address while Wendell is driving. Irritating. Most of my terror is, however, centered over the fact that nearly every single thing in this van is driven by an electric motor. One that can break. One that will likely be more expensive than our entire old van. Thus why we bought the service package, but you know that as soon as something does break, it'll be on that list of 'non-covered' items.

The kids are thrilled beyond belief. When we showed them the button that operated the sliding door, Ben gasped and put his hands over his mouth. Maggie applauded. Literal applause. They thanked us no less than 18 dozen times for buying them this van. (Did I mention the built-in DVD player?) Baby R giggled and pointed when the movie played while driving the other day. Mr. B, however, is a little less enthralled. He's scared by the sunroof. He told me he could see trees and asked me to close it. When you have so many children, however, 3 out of 4 is good enough for us.

I would say that we didn't really buy the minivan for the kids, but it turns out we kind of did. If we had no children, we would totally be driving a car.

In unrelated news, Maggie has started using the word 'pussycat' as an exclamation of sorts. Negative and positive.
As in, "Maggie, you can't watch TV right now."....."Pussycat!"

"Maggie, do you like your dinner?"...."Pussycat! this is good!"
I find it hilarious. W wants it to stop. Pussycat! I do not know how we will solve this.

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