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Monday, February 28, 2011

Why is the counting of gifts so hard? Is it true that I will get better with practice? I find it so hard, in the middle of everything painful and ugly, to take the time to count the gifts. My question this week is: what do my children see? Do they see my efforts? Or will they only remember the yelling, the anger, the rage-filled moments? I want them to know what's happening in my soul. I want them to see that lived out in my life. So my prayer is that I become better at it! That God continues to shape and refine me through this. That practice really does make perfect. (or at least gets me closer than I would be otherwise)

This week, I practice counting the gifts.

88. steaming bowls of black beans and brown rice
89. electric blankets
90. giggling babies
91. the access afforded me through prayer
92. Francis Chan and others who are living public lives, yet still with integrity
93. a father-children Sunday morning doughnut run
94. the rumble of thunder
95. the steadiness of rain

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