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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not that I'm super proud of this, but I adore The Bachelor. Do not ask me to justify it. I can't. It's ridiculous television, but I find it so entertaining! I would never recommend it to anyone single or anyone who might believe that TV is real, but as I do not usually have those particular hang-ups, I enjoy it immensely and largely without guilt - except when I tell other people. Then I'm not feeling guilty as much as slightly embarrassed.

That said, I have found myself getting a little invested in this season. Not my favorite time. I'm totally into this girl, Emily, and whether or not she's going to get to marry this boy. I know this show doesn't work. I know it's not real life. I know that everything unhealthy in relationships is highlighted and celebrated in this show, but I really want her to find a husband - a good one who will take care of her and her daughter and heal their broken hearts. How stupid is that. I don't even know this girl. This show is largely fiction. I think it might be time to give up The Bachelor.


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