never forsaken

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Watoto Children's Choir, through a series of really cool events, was at our little church this morning. I still am having a little bit of difficulty processing through it. To sit with my hurt children from really hard places and watch these hurt children from really hard places sing with such joy to Jesus was soul-wrenching for me. Mr. B and Baby R don't yet have the hope that these children have. The Watoto motto is Rescue (a child), Raise (a leader), and Rebuild (a nation). Exactly what we hope to do with our own children.

As Mr. B's pain continues to manifest in our family, I have a difficult time holding on to the hope and joy that these children seemed to have. Maybe it's because they're further along in the process than we are. Clearly, the children we saw today are already in families, in school, and ministering around the world. We're still waiting for Mr. B and Baby R to truly belong to our family. What resonates with me as we continue to help Mr. B and Baby R heal, as we continue to hope for their future, and as we continue to seek God's grace in our lives, is that they are not forgotten. They are never forsaken. God knows their names. Father to the fatherless, Friend to the friendless, Hope to the hopeless - God knows their names!

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